Saturday, December 1, 2018

A Break in the Clouds

As I write, the sky is grey and there is snow on the ground, but my world is sunnier.

Husband's job issue has been resolved. He will be working for a different branch in the same company. Allowing him to make what seems like a simple internal transfer went clear to the VP level for approval and gave us two months of stress, but once again all is well.

We celebrated by ordering a lot of Christmas presents and buying a few more lights for the yard. It will take a while to feel secure again, which may be good. The fear we felt approaching unemployment has made us re-evaluate our finances. We should be in a much better position financially if this happens again.

Now my main goal is coziness. I want to add as much warmth and comfort as possible to nestle my little family through the winter. The house has been cleaned and Christmas decorations are up.

I'm trying to budget my limited energy around spending time with Husband and kids and baking treats for all of us.

For example, this blog will be short again because Husband has been craving chewy ginger cookies. (I call them ginger snaps, but they have the consistency of peanut butter cookies, so I know that isn't right.

We haven't been able to find the Lofthouse version of these cookies at the grocery store, so it's up to me to bake and they are relatively labor-intensive. It's weird what I have to classify as too hard.

 I wonder if I will ever get used to my limitations or if I will continue to wake up every morning disappointed by familiar pains.

But baking cookies, finding places to put up lights, blogging, and podcasting are all distractions from such feelings. The focus is on positivity and coziness. I'll try my best.

(A frustration with blogging for the last two months has been an inability to respond to comments. At first, answers I typed on my laptop disappeared when I pushed "publish,"but I could answer from my iPad. Now, that doesn't work either. I use Google Blogger. If you have run into this problem and have suggestions, let me know. I've let Google know, but that's basically yelling into the void. I really enjoy your comments, don't give up on hearing back from me.)

THE PODCAST was published on the last day of November and just before we had our first snow to stick around (only about an inch right now). The poem is a prayer for help in surviving winter, a prayer I have been repeating in my mind since I read it.

Grant me, Oh Lord, a sunny mind--
Thy windy will to bear!

This applies to not just winter, but to any hardships that we just have to find a way to live with.
Emily Dickinson suggests a squirrel late to hibernate shares her sentiments. I hope the birds, squirrels, and deer that raid my feeder find a bit of comfort from the extra food. (Who knew deer ate sunflower seeds?)

THE KNITTING has been focused on future gifts and on coziness. I knit a fewpillow covers for the living room sofa

and a "plant" for the front porch.

I've also completed four scarves that will eventually be available in my shop.

I'm also crocheting a granny square Christmas blanket and designing an Atari ET hat as a commission piece. But now it's nap time for twenty minutes before time to cook dinner.

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  1. I am so glad that your husbands job has hit a bit of a smoother patch. It sounds like many prayers were answered.

    I hope blogger comes around for you soon !!!