Friday, March 9, 2018

Sleepless and Stupid

Werewolves are sleep-deprived and have strange symptoms too.

Fibromyalgia is bizarre and frustrating--

And controlling my life this week.

 One of the symptoms is poor sleep. I think I've been getting 3-4 hours a night lately, even though I spend about 12 hours in bed. 

Only one of those nights is explainable. I forgot both my lunchtime and bedtime fibromyalgia drug doses. When that happens, and sometimes when it doesn't, I'm suddenly allergic to myself and my whole body itches. No sleep at all that night.

But I only got a few hours the next night. I'm not tired, just sort of strung-out. I keep postponing anything that looks complicated because I know I'll get it wrong. This is resulting in lost and unanswered emails and tasks piling up. I'm glad I paid all the bills last week.

Even knitting isn't working terribly well. I finished the complex color work on a new sweater only to discover it was over 100 stitches smaller than it was supposed to be because I missed one sentence of instructions. Pictures next week if it works out.

Of course, the fibromyalgia drugs work by freezing the part of my brain that sends out false pain alarms, so at my best, I'm functioning with a partially paralyzed brain.

But a Stellar's Jay is yelling at me through the window and my daffodils are blooming, so there is spring and hope.

And I got a podcast done on fainting robins and being kind. 

Next week will be better.

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