Friday, December 29, 2017

A Quick Trip, a Long Walk, and a Slow Train

I escaped the commercialism of the season this week, but didn't get very far away. 
This rough draft is in the museum.
I didn’t magically rediscover the true meaning of Christmas this week, but I have had some adventures in nature that made me feel more peaceful.

On Wednesday, my husband and I set out in the car to find a nice place to walk. We ended up half way across the state. There is a quirky museum in Fairview, Utah that combines art, geology, and history. Husband thought I would like it and was right. It was founded by the famous sculptor Avard Fairbanks and is filled with rough drafts of his work, but also features local artists and local history (including a mammoth skeleton neither of us managed to photograph). Here are pictures of some favorites.

After the museum, we took the long way home by going over the top of the mountains. The scenery was breathtaking. Only a few inches of snow, but frequent drifts across the road, reservoirs with multiple ice fishing huts, people skiing with parachutes, Utah blue skies. We should have taken pictures. 

Our trip finished up, inelegantly, in a Burger King in Price, which is usually more of a pass-through than a destination for us. But this time it inspired a future trip plan. Price has a great dinosaur museum and the neighboring town of Helper has a mining and railroad museum. We’ll be back soon. 

Thursday we went on the originally intended walk, down another stretch of the Jordan River Parkway. This is the best section we’ve seen yet. It is mostly wetlands. Right now that means dead vegetation, but it will be gorgeous come spring. Even with the current weedy look the fields are alive with ducks, Canada geese, hawks, a falcon, magpies, robins, starlings, and the homes of many house swallows.

 We went out 1 1/2 miles and found a sundial tribute to Utah’s Native American tribes. I want to learn a lot more about these peoples’ histories and present lives, so it was worth pushing it ankle-wise and I seem to have recovered just fine. 

During recovery time I watched “slow TV.” Netflix now has the Norwegian special commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Bergen to Oslo line. A camera attached to the front of the train filmed the entire 7+ hour trip. There are tunnels, stations, and announcements about the cafeteria car. Though lacking plot, it is strangely compelling. It is a perfect sort of white noise for resting after long walks or waiting for pain pills to kick in. I can even listen to podcasts and watch at the same time.

     I learned that yellow is a very popular house color in Norway and seems to be the required color for stations. I saw farm fields, but the crops were too short for me to recognize. There were a few sheep grazing.

 I also became confused. I thought the train left during the summer, but when it climbed the mountains into snow, I thought maybe it was spring. Five hours in, the train was back out of the snow, but the deciduous trees definitely looked like fall.

 I felt like I’d been on the train for a year by the time it made an unplanned stop for a long time at the national theater (suspense) then finally pulled in at the central station in Oslo.

Today’s plan is a trip with the whole family to the Utah Museum of Natural History. I’ve been there twice and quite enjoy it. I’m looking forward to seeing the dramatic dinosaur collection again and seeing my sons discover it all for the first time. 

We'll wrap up the holidays on Saturday at an old favorite, Wheeler Farm. Our quiet holiday "staycation" has been a peaceful, but active, adventure. 


I am making the last of the mermaid tails. Once that is finished, I need to photograph a number of things and get them into my shop. I also gave myself some yarn for Christmas and plan to design a Scandinavian type sweater. 


  1. Hey that looks like a seriously fun trip. I am impressed by the cool small trip and of course ending up at Burger King means you cannot beat that sort of trip.

  2. It was great, though a cousin who lives nearby suggests I call her next time for restaurant tips.

  3. It was great, though a cousin who lives nearby suggests I call her next time for restaurant tips.